Frequently Asked Questions

The Games are coming to Huntsville!

March 5 – 7, 2019 • Free Admission

The Games are coming to Huntsville! 

The Huntsville 2019  Games Organizing Committee is looking for passionate, enthusiastic, energetic people who love being an ambassador for our community and would like to contribute to such a great event and have tons of fun doing it! 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Huntsville 2019 Ontario 55+ Winter Games! We understand that you may have some questions regarding the Games themselves, along with available volunteer roles. To help provide you with as much information as possible, we have complied a list of frequently asked questions and answers specific to volunteering.

What are the Games?

The Ontario 55+ Winter Games are a multi-sport event hosted in an Ontario municipality every 2 years. The event attracts 1,000 people from across the province participating in 10 sports including; hockey, skiing, volleyball, table tennis and more. Huntsville is a repeat host!.

When are the Games?

The games are held March 5-7, 2019.

Where are the Games taking place?

Huntsville and select venues in the surrounding Muskoka region.

Why are volunteers required for the Ontario 55+ Winter Games?

All multi-sport events of this size require a large volunteer workforce to ensure success. Volunteers are required for many tasks, including registrations, information booths, site set-up/take down, food services, opening ceremonies, medal presentations, site supervisors, scoring, posting results and more! Volunteer today!.

How do I become a volunteer?

Follow the volunteer registration link on this page to complete the online form.

When is the deadline to register?

The registration system will remain open until recruitment is complete.

Is there a minimum or maximum age to volunteer?

Yes – volunteers must be 16 years of age or older by January 1st – 2019. Volunteers under 18 will require a co-signature from a parent or guardian on a follow-up waiver.

Can I choose the sport I want to volunteer for? Can I volunteer for more than one sport?

Yes! Within the volunteer registration form, check all boxes that apply to your interest.

Will I need a police check?

All volunteers will need to get a police check completed. Upon registration, we will send all volunteers a letter outlining the purpose for the police check which will result in the service being free of charge. Games Volunteer Chair Wendy McConnell will host in-person sessions at the Canada Summit Centre to help you complete your paperwork to receive your  Free of Charge Criminal Record Check (CRC). Dates will be sent out via email.

I registered online. Does this mean I am confirmed as a volunteer?

Thank you for registering.
This does not confirm that you have been selected. It does mean that you are now eligible for the next round of screening.

I’d like to volunteer to help plan the Games, is this possible?

The Games Organizing Committee has several sub-committees that can always use extra help. If you are interested in helping at a planning level please contact in order to submit your qualifications and experience:

Sheri Renaud
General Manager, Huntsville 2019 Ontario 55+ Winter Games

What is the time commitment to volunteer at the Games?

We ask that volunteers be available for at least 2 days, however, preference may be given to those who are available to work all 3 days. We would ask that all volunteers are able to commit to at least 4 hours of time. There is no maximum in terms of hours allowed to volunteer.

Is training mandatory?

The majority of our volunteers will be required to attend a training session in January 2019. The training session will be approximately 2 hours in length.

How will volunteers be supported in the Games?

Each volunteer who is selected will receive a shirt and accreditation name badge. Refreshments will always be available in the Volunteer Lounges. Volunteers who are assigned at least 5 hours on a day are eligible for a meal at their assigned venue for that day. Each volunteer will be assigned to a Site Supervisor who will interpret their duties and act as a resource and support to them in executing their duties.  Only duties pertaining to the Games may be completed during scheduled volunteer shifts.

Will transportation be provided for volunteers to get to/from assigned sports venues or hotel sites?

No. All volunteers are expected to get themselves to/from their assigned location(s).

What if I need to cancel my application or my offer?

Please contact Wendy McConnell
Volunteer Chair, Games Organizing Committee

The personal information on this form is collected under the authority of Section 11 of the Municipal Act, 2001. The information will be used for determining your eligibility for a volunteer placement and for administering and managing the Huntsville 2019 Ontario 55+ Winter Games volunteer programs. Questions about this collection can be directed to the Games General Manager, 20 Park Drive, Huntsville ON, P1H 1P5. Tel 705-789-6421, ext 3034.